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11:34 29-12-2011
Kasper W. Rost
Hi guys,

Coffee, Tea, Briefing from a really happy Dane who had the honor and pleasure to visit the this amazing and truly unique dive-trip on the Maldives in November 2011. I have been a lot of places around the world and I see my self as a hard man to please but I must confess that I have had one of the best vacations ever thanks to a terrific crew, boat and surroundings. I can really give my best recommendation and it´s not the last time I will visit Bas and Christian on the Maldives - the diving is one of a kind and the staff will without question give you an experience for life..

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!
21:40 18-12-2011
Nico van der Wal
Hello Chris and Bas,

Everyday business and some extra workload on the job made sure that I was back in reality in no time after coming back from the great trip we had. Fortunately there still are moments to reminisce and enjoy again the great dives we made. The atmosphere on board and the crew was very good. All the dives were great and some were mindblowing. Thank you very much for this great experience!!!
19:35 17-12-2011
Hoi Bas & Chris,

we zij alweer een maand thuis, het lijkt alweer een eeuwigheid geleden dat we bij jullie op de boot zaten.
Gelukkig hebben we de foto's en de video's nog ;-)
Voor iedereen die naar de malediven wil en een onvergetelijke reis wil beleven.....................boek bij Bas en Chris. Je duikt op prachtige plekken, ziet de meest waanzinnige dingen en het eten aan boord is fantastich. De hele crew zorgt voor een onvergetelijke vakantie.

Marc & Cynthia
21:57 16-12-2011
Angela Tamboura
If anyone out there is contemplating a dive safari in the Maldives, I hope you will give great consideration to diving with Bas and Christian. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Richie (posting below) was also on the safari at the same time, and I agree with everything he said; he’s dead on accurate. From the beautiful mantas, dolphins, whale shark, sharks, fish…it was a conveyor belt of amazing marine life.

I could go on forever about the customer service you will receive. Out of all the dive vacations I’ve been on, Bas and Christian set the bar very high for customer service and satisfaction; so flexible, so accommodating and just overall great, genuine, sincere men.

The boat crew is amazing as well. Aita, the sweet cook, who was so patient and accommodating with my food allergy; I thank you sincerely.
I will encourage my diving friends to visit Bas and Christian, and hope you will too.

Bas, Christian, thank you for everything. I appreciate you both and everything you do for your diving friends. I hope to visit you two again in the future.

Your new friend from San Jose, California.

08:14 14-12-2011
Michael kristensen
It was truly the most wonderful dive trip of my life, due to the most amazing people both guests and crew , Christian and Bas I dont know if I really can express my outmost and deepest thanks for making the vacation as grand and mindblowing as you did.
You guys went out of your way to give us all a perfect dive everyday, and on top of that you have gathered the most wonderful crew , I am truly thankfull for all you did.
to all of you whom have never visited Christian and bass ion the Maldives , GO GO GO you will be for ever thankfull .
and to all my fellow travelers I miss you all and thanks to you too for making it in all acpects a perfect vacation. I hope I will dive with you all again
With Love Michael
15:12 13-12-2011
Richie Lopez
Well I shall keep this short and sweet
I enjoyed a 14 day safari 9/11/11 TILL 24/11/11 November, I myself am a dive professional and EX dive shop owner. This means I am wiser than most on what should and should not be done with regards to diving. In all honesty I can only applaud both Bas and Christian for their Professionalism, safety & humour in giving me the best dive safari of my entire dive life (24 years).

From start to finish Bas, Chris and their entire crew were exceptional in every aspect of customer service, from the initial meet & greet, to each briefing, gearing up and each meal time.

Your attention to customer service was evident when you decided to change course plans due to weather conditions and the fact that with your jedi mind tricks you could attract the best quality marine life to the sites you wanted ha ha ha ha. When I say we saw everything I MEAN WE SAW EVERYTHING

It was a bonus that half way through the trip it was also my 42nd Birthday which Bas, Christian and all the other guests helped me celebrate with a great meal and Birthday cake (many thanks). The 14 days flew by, the boat was fantastic and just the right size to cater for 14 people. Great sun deck to compete for the sun tan challenge (against Danish kids). The cabins were clean and also a perfect size, only downfall was that the wake up calls could have been a little earlier.

So all in all a more than worth while adventure for me, I strongly recommend The True Maldives experience to everyone.
To Bas & Christian, you guys are superstars, thanks to the dynamic crew and to the other guests who shared the safari with me ..."It was emotional" ha ha ha ha..

You guys basically made me fall in love with diving all over again

Richie Jack Bauer Lopez
18:05 05-12-2011
Thank you thank you thank you ! For the buzz of my lifetime! Bas for a super classy trip, true professional at what you do and you´re the best! For being my buddy when I needed it most. For bringing Ninke, the beautiful mermaid.

Thanks to all the guest, the food was really plus , the crew and the wether treated us very well.

Go go go everyone, while u still have the chance ! Big adventure is awaiting for you and if you are wise u do it with Bas and Christian. Let me know the next years schedule and I will come and bring friends.

18:01 05-12-2011
Grant Joslin
Hey guys. Thanks for an awesome trip, from the crew to the other guests and food everything was amazing.

How can I express the diving to do it justice. Mantas on every dive, and at the back of the boat at night, turtles as my dive buddy, schooling eagle rays, whale sharks, and probably the best night dive of my life.

Bas you did an world class job of keeping us on the best dive sites and at the same time away from the other Safari boats. These dives would not have been the same if it wasn't for that.

Have a great time on your remaining Safari's and if you give me some details on the next years schedule, I'll try to get a group of Aussies together.
17:23 05-12-2011
Niklas Persson
2 weeks on a boat, with people you do not know.......sounds like a challenge. And I guess in many ways it was a challenge. You have to be political correct, dress nicely and do your hair, like 5 times a day. So stressful

We were 6 Danes, 1 Icelandic writer, 1 Aussie, 1 Haiwaiian chief and 3 Dutch guys. Age 19 to around 50. Saying Dutch and Danes are almost the same.......naahhhh it is just something the Dutch say, to make them more likeable )

The boat is big enough and the rooms have a decent size. And if necessary Bas and Christian will do their best to make sure, everybody is happy.
It was easy with the Aussie, he jumped in the water, went deep and you saw him again after 60 mins in the surface. After that you could find him in the bar ;o)
Between the dives the Hawaiian guy treated everybody with healing, if that did not work he would try to break a leg or spine. Whatever it takes to make the patient not daring to complaint ;o)
The teenager was given two socks each containing a tennis ball, then he was occupied for most of the time. We also had a consultant onboard -I still have the voices inside my head....But she is a brilliant singer - and with music and lyrics, you can make a lot of people happy. Together with the Aussie she was always the last to come to surface.
so I guess singing and beer gives you more bottom time.

And I could continue - all walks of life....one boat....two weeks....in paradise

The most amazing part about these two weeks ......
I think everybody had one of their best vacations ever - either the diving, the company or just what you could spot above sea level - and the happy crew that works almost around the clock.

Everybody had a different background and it was not an easy crowd to please - everybody had more or less travelled around the world and seen the most beautiful places on mother Earth, but still Bas and Krølls succeeded in pull out something interesting out, for every day in two weeks. And to make sure everybody would be ready on time - you risked to be 'knocked up' if you were not ready at 5:24 am - with coffee, tee, BriiiiieeeefiiIIiing.

Me, I am the shy kinda guy, so I tried to hide away most of the time. I really enjoyed the dives, the visits to the islands, the 'special night' which is a mindblowing secret experience, the meals, the 'stolen moments' captured with my camera - and the shooting stars on 'star board'. I am not good with words, but I hope you get the picture.

Bring a camera and an open mind - and you will be guided on a safari, that for sure will stay with you in your mind and in your heart forever after.

Thank you so much Bas, Christian & Crew for a memorable fortnight in paradise
15:04 28-10-2011
Thanks voor de unieke ervaring, het was indrukwekkend en een heerlijke vakantie!


Jeux flash
09:49 11-10-2011
Sara Trier
I just arrived back from amazing 14 days liveaboard (Sept/Oct 2011) arranged by Bas & Christian. Awesome trip - go go go everyone!!!! The crew is fantastic - Bas the ensurer of good security and Christian for beers in the evenings. The rest of the crew is very serviceminded and you get great help with everything. All gear by the way is placed on the Dhoni boat - so you really just have to jump in the boat and get in your wetsuit - everything else is taking care of. Nice that you don't have to tumble around with tanks for every dive.

We dived with whalesharks, mantays, stingrays, morrays, octopus, mobilars, green leaf fish, giant napoleons, big schools of batfish, fusiliers, vampires etc etc etc - we say almost everything The dives were good organised with thourough briefings and good security. Variations were good from thila and kandu dives, dives with currents and without, AMAZING night dives, drift dives, wall dives, a wreck dive etc. Weather was good...

Before going I was a bit curiuos to see what 14 days on a boat would feel like - if it were too long - but you quickly get into that chilling relaxing gear. And the social part was fantastic also. The evenings were spent on poker, fishing, competing over falling-stars spotting in the sky - on listening to music, having some beers, playing cards etc. Afternoon surface-time on sun bathing and reading. And on visiting local Maldivian islands.

I highly recommend this trip to everyone. I have been on the Maldives before on a pricy high-end resort with diving - but this way of exploring the Maldives is far better - simply better dives due to the great variety with dives at different atolls - simply more fun to be with a crowd of entusiatic divers - simply more memorable ...

Thanks to Bas Van der Mee and Christian Achton for organising such a great trip and making sure that everyone had a great time.

REALLY MINUS to be back home ..

Lots of hugs,
Sara Trier
09:33 09-10-2011
Nikolaj Paaby
Upps forgot to tell that we also dived with dolphins and also saw them swin along the boat .. The weather was also perfect with lots on sun every day..
09:05 09-10-2011
Nikolaj Paaby
Hello Bas & Christian aka mr.minus :-)
Thanks for an incredible trip in the wonderfull marina of the Maldives.
The crew was fantastic, Aita "3inch", Ali, Mojo and the rest of the guys.
You all made it to an unforgettable experience and I will highly recommend the trip it to every one who enjoys diving .. We saw pretty much everything : whalesharks, mantas, eaglereys, greyreefs, whitetips, blacktips, Giant Napoleons, Massive Barracudas, Turtles, Mobilars, Tunas, Lobsters, Morrays, leaffish, schools of different species, " I got to move it move it" fish and so much more.. The nightdives was awesome, fishing trip and island visits memorable and the wreck "Maldivian Victory" astunning..

Thanks again and I hope to be able to take another with you guys.

Nikolaj Paaby
19:45 22-09-2011
Rianne en Hans
Hoi Bas en Christiaan,

Het is alweer veeeeeel te lang geleden dat we met jullie mee waren op de Blue Dolphin maar we dromen nog bijna elke nacht van de manta's en haaien en al het andere wat we tegen zijn gekomen!
Wij wensen jullie een goed seizoen en dat jullie bij elke duik die jullie maken alles mogen tegenkomen wat er zwemt in de Maledivenwateren!

Groetjes Hans en Rianne
22:24 21-04-2011
Jos en Belinda
Hoi Bas en Chris

De eerste keer twee weken lang eten slapen en duiken op een boot.
Geen idee wat te verwachten,maar kan nu zeggen dat dit geweldig is bevallen.Dankzij de goede zorgen van Bas en crew heel erg mooi gedoken,walvishaaien ,manta's ,schildpadden ,haaien ,adelaarsroggen ,napoleonvissen enz er kwam geen eind aan elke dag weer wat nieuws.
Aan boord was alles ook prima voor elkaar heerlijk gegeten 2 weken op het bovendek onder de sterrenhemel geslapen (zonder muskieten)
Bedankt voor de prachtige ervaring.

Jos en Belinda
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