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12:52 25-02-2018
I loved the safari and would love to repeat it, but am not able to coming fall :-(. But I absolutely recommend it. with regards Judith
09:15 06-11-2017
florence hideux
I was very lucky to win this trip for October 2017, the trip was wonderful.
First, the boat Dinasha, can welcome 14 divers, which is actually good as it allows smaller group UW. There is 9 staff on board so service to guests is high. It is a simple boat, nothing fancy but had what is necessary on board. Nice sundeck, plenty of room anywhere on the boat to rest between dives. Charging station for photographers. Library for ID UW species.
Dive dhoni: reliable and young professional crew, they know how and when help the divers to make their experience as enjoyable as possible. Not over helping the divers which are comfortable enough which is very appreciable when one do not like being treated as a beginner
During the 10 days we were quite lucky to be almost alone on the dive sites, thanks to the expertise of Bas and his local dive guide Jeff regarding the choice of the route as well as considering the safety of all.
Food was really nice, well served, quantity and choice to satisfy all. Housekeeping coming to clean the cabin on a daily basis.
We could observe, mantas (in one occasion a dozen, just wonderful !!!!!), 100 of grey reef sharks in a channel dive, whale sharks, mobulas, barracudas among amazing dive sites with beautiful hard and soft corals.
If wanted, there was the option to go visit local islands a couple of times as well as Malé for the last day before flying.
Nowadays the offer for dive trip on a live aboard in Maldives is quite extensive, however having a small group allow to have a much more personalized experience, fitting the needs of every participant. You feel unique on this boat with the attention of Bas and the staff of Dinasha. Highly recommended! Merci Merci Merci!
13:40 28-12-2016
Bram Van den Eynde
6 months ago i saw a message pass by on facebook. It said" win a liveaboard in the Maladives". I gave up my e-mail adres to join and the next day i opened my facebook there was another message that i was the winner. Very lucky me indeed because as it happened i was the last to join in for this price. So of course, one has to be carefull with facebook, so i contacted the owner Bas Van der Mee. And me and him had some e-mails going back and forward thereby convincing me that i had won something genuine. Again lucky me indeed. Then a few months went and i started to prepare for the trip. Reminder for anybody who wishes to dive overthere pack a hook in your luggage. The flight to the maladives was pretty easy straightforward. Brussels-Dubai-Male just long enouph to know i arrived in the tropics. I never thought to be lucky enouph to visit the Maladives but sure there i was. A pleasant 30 degrees and a little wind as a welcome. At the airport I met Bas and a local guide/divemaster. They were very welcoming and took the time to show me a place to chance my money and where to buy some last supplies cause there is no shopping the moment the boat leaves the harbour. We then waited for the other divers to arrive. We then left the airport for a meet and greet on our boat. After lunch we started with a try out dive to see if all the gear still fits. There I saw my first manta ray. Other underwaterlife are turtles and if you are lucky even a shark. For the next days the schedule is 3 dives a day. I skipped the morning dive sometimes as i need some rest in between dives to. There also was a nightdive with pleanty and i mean 40 up nursesharks. At the end of the trip the group went to male to have a farewell dinner.
If you look for a save and well cared diving holiday then Bas and his company are the ones to join. 5 star plus.
22:34 09-11-2015
Sofie Houtmeyers
If you are looking for a diving holiday that meets all expectations, The True Maldives is THE organisation to book. Bas Van Der Mee makes sure he selects the "highlights" during the trip, offering his guests the most exquisite diving experience... My personal favourites were the nightdives with mantas and nurse-sharks... A mindblowing experience! On top of that, booking a 10day trip vs a regular 7d trip, gives you the benefits that you hit the "hot spots" at a better timing, with less boats on the same site. An awesome crew, and wonderful food on-board, are the extra ingredients for a wonderful holiday! I highly recommend booking with Bas, and for sure I'll be back!

Thank you Bas, for an amazing holiday.
10:01 05-10-2015
wederom was de safari met bas de moeite waard ! ondanks alle lichamelijke ongemakken heerlijke duiken gemaakt, nieuwe ervaringen opgedaan, veel gezien en zonder ongelukken. safety first !

het is en blijft een avontuur liveaboard met bas !

thxs mate, till we meet again ! you'll never know, it's the maldives !
14:37 01-10-2015
Rebecca Davis
I have just returned from a fantastic 10 day trip with Bas and his devoted crew ...I have done 700 dives and thought I had seen most things but was very excited to see new species on every dive ....so many fish, shrimps, nudibranchs, corals, huge mantas, sharks, stone fish et etc etc and the dream come true of being up close and personal with a whale shark! The night dives were amazing with many big nurse sharks jostling for food from a local resort and a friendly stingray that glided over my body.

Bas is a perfect cruise director - organised, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and flexible enough to let people do their special thing - all with safety first of course. The crew worked tirelessly and were genuinely kind and helpful- the boat is a happy place! The boat was the right size with 13 guests ....you don't want to dive with 30 others! Also a great set up with all your gear on the second boat (dhoni) ready to step in to each day. Getting up at 0530 is not my favourite thing but it was worth it with a hearty breakfast after the dive and plenty of time for a nitrogen nap during the day. Warm water at 29C and mostly flat seas made the diving very comfortable.

I have dived all over the world but highly recommend this trip - it is the best I have done for variety of wildlife, value for money and great people.

Thank you Bas, I will return.


20:48 10-02-2014
Klaas Mars
Samen met m'n zoon op duiksafari geweest!
Ook nu kwamen de grote 3. Walvishaai, Manta's en diverse soorten Haaien, vroeg of laat weer langs zwemmen.
Hoe krijgt die Bas dat toch steeds voor elkaar.
Of heel veel kennis en know how van de Maledivische duikstekken.
Als de nieuwe boot klaar is komen we weer!!

Met Bas op reis = Altijd prijs
Met Bas van der Mee(r) zie je zoveel meer.
Met de duiksafari van Bas van der Mee, daar wil iedereen wel mee, mee!
21:13 12-12-2013
We zijn 2 weken met de liveaboard, op pas geweest, het was mijn eerste keer intern op een boot, het was zeer mooi,elke duik, haaien,grote scholen vis, murene,s, maar ook wat slakjes, garnalen, kreeftjes en krabbetjes, maar, een paar duiken met manta,,s, en de 4 walvishaaien, en manta,,s w we
Achter de boot, elke dag lekker eten, en steeds goed geplande, duiken waardoor we steeds op het juiste tydstip op de goede plek waren, ook de rond 200, zuster haaien en roggen, waren top, een vakantie om nooit meer te vergeten
15:53 26-10-2013

Very well organised safari, professional guiding, boat, dhoni and crew. All ingredients for a successful diving safari. All splendid dives, a lot of fun and laughter, everything we could wish (except the whale shark, but this may be an extra reason to come back).

We all want to thank The True Maldives for an unforgettable time.
Jolanda, Rob, Bjorn, Rudie, Carin, Patrick, Leen, Lotte, Maartje, Jeanette, Judith, Conor, Dennis, Alexander, Sterre en Marco
15:27 24-04-2013
Super safari de 2 semaines : 3 requins baleine (dont un jeune +/- 4m quand même), des raies manta si proches que l’on aurait pu les toucher, des requins gris et pointes blanches trop nombreux pour être compté, coup de bol avec un requin tigre (impressionnant le bestiau), raies aigle, murènes,… (la liste serait trop longue et c’est sans parler des fonds magnifiques).
Pour les plongées avec courant quand Bas dit « drift » c’est du costaud et faut s’accrocher ;o)
Bateau très confortable, cuisine variée et excellente, équipage sympa et aux petits soins.
Point négatif ? Ça va être dur pour les prochaines plongées d’être aussi bien !
18:32 14-04-2013
Jonneke en Brian
Unfortunately, we are almost two weeks at home, but we can look back on a successful divesafari with Bass and crew! We went to the Maldives for larger stuff and indeed we got the larger stuff, Whale sharks 3 times, hammerheads, manta's eagle rays, nursesharks, lots of black and white tip reef sharks. Life on board was superm, very well cared and cozy.

So Bas and crew thank you for the 38 unforgattable dives.
11:25 10-04-2013
Ingrid von Schrader
Ich war zum ersten mal auf den malediven und bin sehr begeistert. Bas hat sich um alles gekümmert vom Abholen nach Ankunft bis zum Abflug mit Tipps und guten Hinweisen.
Die Crew war super nett, das Essen absolut toll (ich war nicht von Durchfällen geplagt wie sonst oft) und bei Ohrenentzündung war auc gleich Hilfe da mit Mütze und Medizin. Danke
Das Tauchen war für mich sehrsehr spannend und auch ier immer ein gutes Briefing so dass ich mich daraufeinstellen konnte was auf mich zukommt von Sicht bis Strömung.
Ich habe die "Großen" gesehen und es wa scon ein sehr besonderes Erlebnis einen Manta sooooo nahe zu erleben.
Ich habe mich sehr whl gefühlt und würde sofort und jederzeit mit Bas wieder einer Tour mitreisen. Ich wünsche ihm ganz viel Erfolg und gutes Glück für sein neues und eigenes Boot. Vielen Dank für die gute Umsorgung und Organisation
08:30 30-03-2013
I have done several trips with Bas so far but this time everything fell into place. No ear problems great weather, nice crew and entertaining guests. Besides that we had many amazing dives with all the big stuff ( even hammerheads from a distance!). I will never forget the nightdive at Alimaathaa with countless nurse sharks fighting over food the resort close by threw in the water.. First time ever I thought I was a bit too close..
Thanks to the crew for taking such good care of us, see you next time!
07:31 30-03-2013
second safari with bas and again unforgettable experience.
Professional guided diving showing whale sharks,mantas and lot of sharks.Atmosphere with crew always excellent,good variety in food and good briefings with perfect info on dive sites,current,sea life under water.For divers a real recommendation.
07:23 30-03-2013
For the second time with Bas..
Again very nice dives with the "big stuff"
This time we were lucky to see 3 whalesharks..!!
Thanks again for the nice trip.
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